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CCTV Camera Control Code Translators

New Products: SDA-1X16-ADM and SDA-1X16-BP
Bosch biphase and AD Manchester signal distribution amplifiers are available. Contact us for manufacturing lead time and pricing!

SCT-1000 unit, front panelSCT-1000 Series - Our multi-camera devices translate control code between different CCTV manufacturers. Over 50 versions available! Click the above link for a list of manuals and a full table of available input and output systems.


SCT-100 modelSCT-100 Series - This is our line of single-camera code translators. We have many models available for

SC-50 Code ConverterCode Converters - Convert from P to D code, or from D to P code, change parity or baud rates, convert Pelco ASCII protocol to Pelco RS-422, or convert and merge AD keyboard with AD manchester code.

SCM-200 Code Merger unitCode Mergers - These devices merge multiple input control signals into a single line - Available for two inputs of Pelco RS-422, Vicon RS-422, AD Manchester, or Panasonic RS-485.
An eight-input Pelco RS-422 merger is also now available.

Coaxial Data Translators - Our selection of coaxial data translators is expanding to include coax data transmitters as well as receivers for use with a single camera or PTZ. If you are looking to integrate serial data with coaxial data in your system, we may have a solution for you here.

Other Products - We have many units that are designed for specific manufacturers or setups, including our Panasonic-specific multi-camera translators and the SCT-200 series translators for multiple cameras on a single pan/tilt head. If you can't find what you are looking for on one of our other pages, take a look here.

RMT1-3 Rack MountAccessories - Optional rack mount unit for up to three SCT-1000 units or distribution amplifiers
PLEASE NOTE: We have discontinued production of our SDA1x5 and SDAR-8-422-RJ11 distribution amplifiers at this time.

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